At Boilers and Bathrooms Hornchurch we specialise in Powerflushing and cleaning using Kamco and Magnacleansing equipment. A Powerflush will send water at high velocity through your system and dislodge any build up of sludge, rust and debris. We recommend Powerflushing your central heating system on a regular basis (every 5 years) to prevent a build up of sludge that eventually cannot be unblocked.

What is 'Sludge'? Magnetite, commonly referred to as sludge, is the black substance comprised of dissolved and rusted metal from the pipework of your central heating system. It forms when air and water react with ferrous components – for instance, the water within the system reacts with the steel inside your radiators.

All heating systems have two major substances: metal and water. When these two react it causes oxidisation (rust) inside your pipes, boiler and radiators. It is essential if you want to have an efficient and healthy heating system to prevent this chemical reaction as much as possible. This is why water treatment such as inhibitor and Powerflushing or Magnacleansing is so important.

Annual maintenance will keep your system working efficiently and prolong the lifespan of your boiler.